tirsdag 27. september 2016

Lotta Pettersson på besøk hos Stall HM


Søndag hadde Ann-Charlotte Pettersson dressyrtrening her på gården. Det er første gang etter at hun flyttet til Minna Telde i Veberöd at hun kom hit til Ängelholm for å hjelpe sine trofaste elever. 

Denne tjeien er rett og slett en fantastisk trener og en makalös rytter som får alle häster til å danse ballett.  Ikke så konstig at Minna Telde har henne som rytter i sitt stall !

Vi er så glad for at hun tok seg tid og håper vi kan se henne her snart igjen !! 


søndag 25. september 2016

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torsdag 18. august 2016

Ängelholm City

City VS Still Life 

This was one of the challenge in the online lifestyle photography workshop I was part of in the spring
this year with Christina Greve. I really learned a lot, and it was so much fun.

I set the table home in my kitchen, and used just vintage treasure to make it look authentic and warm. 
I have the pleasure to go in to my own vintageshop and find stuff that I want to use in my styling. 
I have collected old and beautiful treasure as long as I can remember, and last year I organized it in the old pig stable at our farm. It suppose to be my farmshop but still it is just my own treasure chest that I pic from whenever I need something new (I mean old …) and beautiful for my photo styling ..

So I drove into the nearest city ( about 10 km from the farm) and took some picture of this beautiful city houses. Ängelholm is a nice 500 years old city ( this year) with lot of good location for photographing. It´s close to the sea so you can find beautiful places for picnic for example. And the people are nice and relaxed. It´s perfect to take the car and drive for just 10 min out of the countryside to have lunch at my favorite place called www.ostbutiken.com 

So this is from Ângelholm city where I have lived for the past 8 years

fredag 27. mai 2016


My workspace

A collage of my workspace above - 

and a collection of inspiring studios found on pintrest! 

Perhaps you were inspired to create your own studio :) 

mandag 16. mai 2016

The beauty of Artichoke

Artichoke is a vegetable I don´t know a lot about, but I love having them placed at the kitchen countertop because of its beautiful appearance. Don´t you agree? 

The big grocery have a lots of exsotic vegetables to check out, or what ??

So the time has come for me to start explore all this beauties ..  So I began with the Artichoke!
I tried my best to prepare these beauties, from a recipe at youtube, and to be honest, the taste was not what I was expected.. or let me put it this way, They look better than they taste! 

But I guess it is like so many other things in life: you must get used to it, and then you are addicted... 

Conclusion at this moment: 
It was not worth the bother. So much fuss for so little food that did not even taste so well actually.  No, for my part, until I have learned a better way to serve them, they are given lie on my kitchen counter to beam with its perfect looks. And I am happy anyway :)

mandag 2. mai 2016

Dreams Are For Real !


Whitney e.Weltmeyer/Cromatic xx

I consider myself very privileged to have my own horses. I dreamed about having my own horse when I was a little girl like so many other young girls do. But since our family situation did not allow me to get a horse, the interest in equestrian sport and horses eventually died and I started as a handball player instead….

I guess it´s around 1981-82

But then many years later, because of various coincidences, I fell in love with horses again at the age of 39 years. And at that time I fortunately had the opportunity to acquire myself a horse, and bought my very first riding horse in 2005. 

An old dream came true
Violino, my sweet Lusitano that I sold a few years ago

I had my own horse and I was in heaven. I could not think of anything else but my horse. The big black horse from Denmark called Chablis, had stolen my heart! From that day on I was sold to this magnificent animals! I actually quit my job as an artist in showbiz and bought a couple of moore horses. I decided to go with my passion and moved to Sweden to learn as much about horses and riding as possible. 

Discovery and her newborn Dioro in 2015

Discréte & Whitney - Best Friends

« All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them « 

Walt Disney

Skåne in the south part of Sweden is known for the best expertise in all equestrian disciplines. So it was a natural choice for me cause I wanted to have access to good coaches and competitions. Today we live in our own horse farm in Skåne since 2008 and have 8 horses, of which 3 are my own breed.

So if you have a dream, I highly recommend you to take a chance. I have not regretted a day of my dream !!

lørdag 30. april 2016

Set the table

One of my passions is to decorate the dinner table for my guests. I think it is well inherited from my mother who loved to decorate her home when she was expecting guests. She began many days in advance and bought the flowers and tried with different types of glasses, cutlery and porcelain solutions before she reached the final result. And she kept on until late at night every time. And the result was always beautiful.

It was always very exciting to stand on the sidelines and watch guests step into our house and showered Mom with compliments for her creative works. I think I was bitten by creating bug already at that time! Many times I think that it's a pity I have not taken pictures of all my different creations over the years. You can imagine the pompous 80s with so many bells and whistles on the table that there was scarcely room for guests there :) 90s were not much better, but there are good memories from parties where we cleared everything away from the table to get room to dance there instead. It was good times with little or no concern at all :)

But now we live in a more enlightened and open world for better or worse. One could of course wish that everyone could get to the covered table with food and drink, but this is unfortunately not the world today. With a wish that more people could experience to sit around a table with family and friends, I continue my passion for gathering friends around my table. Wish you all a good weekend and take care of each other <3